Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Cozifiers

Hello, friends. Today is a special day for us in Canada - a day where we remember the men and women who serve our country. Many have given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy. May we always remember and always be thankful.

I hope each of you enjoys a relaxing weekend with family and friends. As the temperatures turn cooler and each day brings up closer and closer to winter, I feel the urge to cozy up my home. Here are a few things that bring the cozy into our homes; I'm calling them "cozifiers". (I know my sister-in-law will appreciate that; she's always making up words.)

1. Plush Textiles: Cushions, Throws, Rugs & More

2. Fireplace: A flame not only feels warm, it even looks warm! 


3. Baskets: There's something about the organic, relaxed look of a basket. It's a small detail that adds coziness.

4. Books: We all love curling up with a hot drink and a good book from time to time. Having books on display remind us of this favourite pastime.

5. Candles: Much like a fireplace, the small flame of a burning candle creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space. A deliciously scented candle is even better! 

6. Coat Rack: A welcoming sight when guests enter your home (provided it looks neat and tidy). It provides that lived in look that makes us feel at home. (This was one thing my husband said makes him feel welcome. I probably wouldn't have thought of it myself.)

7. Wood: Too much wood can be overpowering, but it's a welcome addition when introduced in just the right amount. Like baskets, wood offers a natural, organic look and warms up the space.

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to cozy up your home for the season. If nothing else, it probably sent some warm vibes your way. Wishing you all a cozified weekend! (The spell check does NOT like that word.)


image sources: pier1 imports (cushion and throw); IKEA (rug);  pinterest (fireplace photos); Crate and Barrel (baskets); pinterest (books and candles); Pottery Barn (coat racks); Oly Studio (wood bench); West Elm (stump side table)

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