Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Designer: Christina Murphy

I had heard of Christina Murphy before but hadn't really looked into her work. I finally took the chance to go through her portfolio the other day. It turns out that several of her spaces have already been up on my blog. (You will probably recognize some of them.) I guess I liked her work but didn't really know it! I found myself saying, "Oh! She's the one who designed that bathroom and that bedroom and that..." 

Christina is a designer based out of New York who I would say leans towards a traditional look, but knows how to mix in other design styles as well. I really like her bathroom designs; she often uses quite a bold or graphic tile pattern on the floor which is a nice touch. It works well in a bathroom since it's a smaller space. 

Here's some of her stunning work...

All images from Christina's portfolio at Christina Murphy Interiors.

Did you recognize any of the spaces? And how about those graphic patterned bathroom floors? I like. Enjoy your Tuesday! 



  1. Sarah,

    These interiors absolutely rock my world. I aspire to this level of sophistication in my work. Her sense of history, balance, scale and use of architectural elements is interesting and yet will stand the test of time. Do you know if she has a blog?


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! That chevron floor in the bathroom - I'm swooning!! I want all of those rooms in my house!


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