Thursday, November 17, 2011

Etsy Inspiration: Upcycled Furniture

I hadn't been over at Etsy for a while, so last night I took a few minutes to have a gander. I came across some rather fabulous upcycled furniture. It always amazes me what people can do to bring new life to old pieces. 

The first seller I came across was Jo Supara Tarakci of Name Design Studio. This lady brings flare to the pieces she works with and has a special knack for patchwork upholstery. I must admit I wasn't a real fan of the patchwork look, but after seeing her work, I just might cross over to the other side. Simply gorgeous.


I also found Spruce Home based out of Austin, TX. They're overall look is definitely modern with a vintage feel. The piece that first caught my eye was this brown linen sofa with the Chiang Mai fabric on the front sides of the cushions. Chiang Mai currently enjoys widespread popularity so I thought you might enjoy this bright and bold look.

And a few other pieces by Spruce Home...

Just a little upholstery inspiration for you. Hope it gives you some fresh ideas and that extra boost if you're currently in the middle of a "make it new" project.




  1. Wonderful finds, Sarah! I particularly love the upholstery from Spruce Home - their fabric choices are fantastic! Love that Chiang Mai fabric on the sofa... and I know Barbara (hodge:podge) will too :-)

  2. I really like the patchwork upholstery, except the zebra print (but you knew I'd say that!)


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