Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Ramblings

Hello and Happy Monday! Sorry for the late post. Our house looks like a hurricane blew through it; I suppose we could call it Hurricane Avery, followed closely by Hurricane Luke. We moved home Thursday evening after four months of transient living. We got in the door and in less than 10 minutes, the kids had pulled out nearly every toy they possess and spread them throughout the house, upstairs and down. I guess it was like rediscovering all their stuff; they couldn't resist getting their hands on all of it! Between the mess of toys, four suitcases, and piles of laundry, our house is a disaster zone. Thankfully, all that moving around is done for a while and we can settle back in our home. 

So, a few updates...

#1 The sideboard for my parent's guest room is painted and it looks awesome! (Sorry I don't have a picture to share... soon!) Oh, and we got a new light fixture up too! Yay. We went with this one from RONA. 

#2 My friend Stephanie, who is a scrapbooker extraordinaire, made these totally cute paper butterflies for Avery's room. She pinned them in a shadow box for us. I love 'em! You can visit Stephanie at her blog, Silver Boxes.

#3 This LOVE print from Jen of Made by Girl arrived. It's going to hang in Avery's room too once I have a chance to get it framed. 

#4 James and I did a song at a friend's wedding this past weekend. I got to be Bryan Adams for about 4 minutes on Saturday. Ha! 

I have some good stuff lined up for this week if I can get myself organized. Hope all is well with you. Off to tidy... something... anything. (Sigh.) Where to start...



  1. Transient living? Where have you been? As for the art for your girl's room - all so fabulous! can't wait to see that sideboard! Welcome home:)

  2. Those butterflies are adorable! They will go perfectly with that print!

  3. wow great light fixture...where have you been?...back reading is not filling me in !...those butterflies are pretty!

  4. I LOVE those butterflies! They are perfect for a little girl's room. This has inspired me to start thinking about some things for Eva's room, although I probably won't get to it for awhile. Hope the madness at home settles down quickly! It's always nice to come home. :)


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