Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Thoughts on Black Friday

Hello and happy Friday... Happy "Black" Friday to those of you in the states. Did you hear about the lady who used pepper spray to fight off other shoppers at a Wal-Mart in California? Crazy. That takes the happy right out of it. 

Greed. It's a problem we all have in some way or other. True, not many of us would resort to pepper spray; most of us are smart enough to disguise it. We make it look like something else to avoid facing the truth about what it really is - ugly, never-satisfied greed. Want, want, want. Get, get, get. (Guilty, guilty, guilty.) That pretty much sums us up.

I had planned to share some pretty armoires with you today, but they can wait. That would only make me feel like I'm feeding greed and materialism - something I really don't want to do. I hope you come to my blog for inspiration and ideas, but I hope I don't fuel the wrong things. Having a nice, comfortable home that serves you and others well is important, but keeping up with the Joneses isn't. Period. We are so materialistic in this day and age, and it's never popular to go against the current trend. I hope we'll try though in some way. 

Today, the kids and I dropped off a shoebox filled with little toys, crayons, a bar of soap, etc. for Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan's Purse). It cost us $37 to fill the box plus a $10 donation. A needy child on the other side of the world will receive that box. That will likely be all they get for Christmas.

Perspective. I hope we keep ours in the midst of this craziness. Wasn't thanksgiving just yesterday? 

Let's stop and give thanks, remembering how good we've got it. We certainly have it better than we deserve. 

Praying for contentment.



  1. Sarah, I love that you did up the shoe boxes with your children... I've done those over the years with my daughter too! It's such a small effort that goes such a long way.

  2. Thoughtful words, Sarah. Thank you for reminding us what is truly important and for staying grounded.

  3. You are absolutely right. I heard of that lady & thought how crazy things have become!

    We did the shoeboxes as well this year as we have for several years. It helps us keep things in perspective & opens the eyes of our kids to how blessed we are. They have a hard time wrapping their minds around the thought that those shoeboxes full of small treasures are likely the only Christmas gift those children will receive.

    We are truly blessed & have so much to be thankful for! Thanks for the reminder to treasure the things that REALLY matter.

  4.'s like you read my mind! Every time I write a post about things I think are beautiful, or a piece of furniture I bought, I feel a tad materialistic.

    However, it's possible that I'm over-thinking it a little as when I visit blogs like yours I truly am looking for ideas and inspiration and wouldn't for a second think that it's fueling greed. It's cliche but true - we're our own worst critics sometimes.

    I look forward to finding inspiration in the pretty armoires :)

  5. Well said Sarah! It's very ironic how the day after we 'give thanks' we are out pushing, running, grabbing to get the best deal and the most loot! I love the US thanksgiving but never really fully understood the madness that black friday brings out in people.
    Thank-you for putting the reminder out there about what is REALLY important this holiday season, and that is giving, not getting:)


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