Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Tale of Pink and Brown

This is a tale of one fashionable lady who loves shades of pink and brown. She's decided that the colours are just too lovely to be relegated to the baby girl's room. They are for grown ups too, she insists!

She's just heading off to work looking as lovely as ever. 

After a long day on the job, she arrives home. She kicks off her shoes, stretches out, and takes a few moments to unwind.

Then, she sets about preparing a scrumptious meal for a few close friends. She serves them in her ultra chic dining room. 

After everyone has gone home and she's had chance to clean up, she retreats into her bathroom for a hot bath. 

Time for bed. She reads for a few minutes, then falls into a deep sleep.

The morning comes and it all begins again. At least she has a fabulous place to dress.

Oh, and if you happen to be a guest and need to spend the night, you'll have the privilege of sleeping here. 

Well, she really must be going. She hopes you'll visit again! 

Yes, she's back in brown with a hint of pink coral. They are "her colours" after all. 


All interior images via House to Home; Fashion images via pinterest


  1. Love this post!! Gorgeous photos- the furniture is to die for! Reminds me of an english cottage :)

  2. Love the bathroom wall and floor tiles. Can you where they are available from? Steve

    1. The tiles look like some sort of marble to me. Marble is fairly easy to come by and can be ordered through most tile/flooring stores. Marble tends to be quite expensive though, and this exact type of marble (colour, vein, etc.) may be hard to come by. Good luck! -Sarah

  3. This is really pretty! I think that the Calgary flooring stores would love to see these pictures.


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