Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Textiles for a Tuesday

I finally took some time to catch up on my blog reading last night and stumbled across two new textile lines. They are both quite lovely and certainly worth sharing.

The first is by Lauren Liess, an interior designer in Northern Virginia. Lauren's textiles have a time-worn look and feel to them. They offer a sense of nostalgia with a more casual or relaxed vibe. Lauren has been working hard at creating the line, and I love what she has come up with. I love the earthy, natural look and the slightly worn texture that many of the fabrics seem to have.

The second is by interior designer, Caitlin Wilson, who is currently based out of Philadelphia.  Her new textile line is very bright and cheery with bold, graphic patterns. I like how she's grouped her textiles into collections. It takes the guesswork out of matching patterns if that's something you're not comfortable with. Here's a look at her Fleur Chinose IV Collection:

No need to mix and match yourself. If you like one of the collections, you can get it all at once from one source! 

(On a side note, I love Caitlin's high bun with the full bang. I gotta try that look with my locks.) 

Pop on over and visit both Lauren Liess and Caitlin Wilson textiles. It will be worth your while!

And then go and have yourself one fabulous day! (And that's an order.)



  1. Aren't they both super awesome? Love that paisley print.

  2. Did you know that Lauren was giving away some fabric! I hope I win - I LOVE her fabric. BTW: She lives where I used to live, in the same town!

  3. I Love, Love the Cailin Wilson Textiles. I may have to pruchase her sample box. You should try the high bun look, you will look Fab!


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