Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello, friends! I hope you've been enjoying the holiday season. Just wanted to pop by to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Here's to a happy and healthy year, filled with all the things that matter most.

I'll be back to my regular blog posts next week. Until then... enjoy your new year celebrations!


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here's one last post to wish you a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season! I'm going to squeeze in just a little more Christmas prettiness since this is my last chance to do it until next year.

And a reminder of what this time of year is all about...

Yes, baby Jesus is wearing a hard hat. We had to be inventive and Avery loves her Christmas craft.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Interiors by David Hicks (Australian Designer)

A few stunning interiors by Australian designer David Hicks. Hicks works internationally and is based in Melbourne and Sydney (Australia) and Los Angeles (USA). His style is very modern with bold and dramatic flare. He certainly creates one-of-a-kind spaces.

I like his work and find it very inspirational. I hope you enjoy it too!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I'm in full swing trying to get all of the last minute things done for Christmas. My posts may be a little sparse over the next week or so with the holidays. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with family with friends.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Designer Feature: Ana Antunes

I came across the design and home-styling work of Ana Antunes recently and thought it was quite lovely. Ana is a Portugese designer who hosts and produces a home makeover tv show along with her husband.

Ana's family home is really lovely. It's feminine and modern with some classic European flare. Completely gorgeous.

And here's a look at her office space. Lovely again.

You can visit her at her blog where she has a fairly extensive portfolio up.

What do you think of Ana's style? Is it for you?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Living Room Layouts

Happy Monday to you! Last week before Christmas. This week's to do list is probably longer than usual for many of you, so I wish you all the best in stroking things off of it. Sorry for the late post today. I didn't get a start on it last night so it had to wait until nap time!

After chatting with a friend about her living room last week, I've had furniture layouts on my mind. (She has a long, rectangular living room that we thought would look best with two sitting areas.) Coming up with a good furniture layout can be tricky. Thankfully there are really no rules and the only limitation is your creativity. But it's always helpful to have a look at what the pros are doing. I found this article on House & Home to be really helpful. I was quite amazed at how different the space looked by simply rearranging the furniture. Here's one room, three ways.

The fireplace is the focal point in each of the arrangements, but you get a different "feel" from each space. The first has a more casual air. The third seems more formal. The second feels roomy and more asymmetrical with the mismatched coffee tables.

Here's a look at some more living rooms. First, a few rooms where symmetry and balance are prominent.

I like how the two armchairs face each other

Rooms with one sofa and a collection of chairs.

Large Living Rooms: Divide them up to create more than one sitting area.

Using a daybed in your furniture layout increases your options. It's a versatile piece because it looks good from any angle; there isn't really a front or back to it.

Right smack in the middle

Off to the side

To divide a space

Stools (or a bench) can substitute for a daybed

Two and Two (Two Sofas Paired with Two Chairs)

Yes, that was long, but (believe it not) not at all comprehensive. There's really no end to layout options you can come up with. The main thing is to consider your space, choose a focal point (or focal points), think about who uses the space and what it's used for, gather inspiration and then go for it! Simple as that (he he).  

Hope your day has been fabulous so far. Catch ya' later!


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