Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Designer Feature: Ana Antunes

I came across the design and home-styling work of Ana Antunes recently and thought it was quite lovely. Ana is a Portugese designer who hosts and produces a home makeover tv show along with her husband.

Ana's family home is really lovely. It's feminine and modern with some classic European flare. Completely gorgeous.

And here's a look at her office space. Lovely again.

You can visit her at her blog where she has a fairly extensive portfolio up.

What do you think of Ana's style? Is it for you?



  1. wow...what a beautiful home!...Crazy about the front hall bench!

  2. SO pretty. Amazing mix of shabby chic and modern :)

  3. I love the beautiful feminine touches throughout the space! Merry Christmas Sarah! Hope you're already enjoying the holidays!! :)


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