Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Green & Gold

As I mentioned yesterday, we have our tree decorated with gold and green this year. I hadn't thought of it, but those were the colours of my high school. I played volleyball and our team colours were green and gold, although the "gold" was really more yellow. I don't think I chose the colours because I once wore them to play team sports. It likely had more to do with the inspiration I found in these lovely images.

You'll notice that shades of grey and black or often part of the colour scheme.

"Welcome & Merry Christmas!"

"Please sit down and enjoy the Christmas feast."

This girl...

Could easily live here...

This Dining Room...

Could easily belong to her...

So tell me... are these colours for you? We've been enjoying them on our tree!


image sources: Christmas DR via this is glamorous; all other images via pinterest


  1. Yes! This color is soooo for me! What a gorgeous room and outfit! Definitely will try that outfit!

  2. That wreath is gorgeous - I love how they have added the fern in. I don't normally think of decorating in green and gold (being Australian, they are the national colours - so I think of them as being related to sport, not decorating!)...but after seeing the pictures of your tree yesterday, I may need to think again - they were lovely.

  3. I could enjoy a Christmas feast in that dining room! This is much classier green and gold than anything we ever wore. ;)


  4. Your tree looks wonderful and these inspiration pictures woowzers!
    I still think your advent stockings are adorable!

  5. Love that color combo :) Now that I think about it, my v-ball team colors were blue and silver and that definitely reflects in my home too. hmm something to think about :)


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