Thursday, December 15, 2011

Strapping Range Hoods

I'm not entirely sure what to call them, but they are range hoods and they have straps or decorative bands. Here's what I'm talking about...

They've likely been around in the past, but I hadn't really noticed them until recently. Perhaps they're enjoying a bit of a come back. I don't know. But what I do know is I like them! I especially like the idea of having mixed metals on one hood. This gorgeous mix of stainless steel and brass is a favourite...

The style lends itself to more traditional kitchens. Here are a few others I rounded up and then I want to know if you're digging this look as much as me!

This last kitchen is hot of the press. It was designed by Tommy Smythe, one of Canada's leading designers and featured in the most recent issue of House and Home. Tommy leans towards traditional style but always with a twist. He likes bold patterns (check out that floor) and strong colours (black, red, etc.)

But back to the range hoods... what do you think?


Image Sources: via custom range hoods; via interiors digital; Benecki Fine Homes via decorpad; via pinterest; via decorpad (2 images); via House Beautiful


  1. I have a friend that had one of these in the house she moved into... but took it out. I bet she's kicking herself now that they're on trend! ;) Have a great weekend Sarah!

  2. I like them. It gives them a custom look with a nod to aviation!


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