Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and White Floors

As a young girl I remember visiting my aunt's house - an old home in need of some attention. There were some nice structural elements to the home; it had the kinds of details that give a home character and make it unique. I remember the kitchen having a black and white checkered floor. It stuck in my mind. Black and white checkered or diamond-patterned floors really make a statement. You may think it's a bold move but the look is actually quite classic. I think an entry or bathroom would be the perfect place for this flooring style and apparently others have had the same thought! (Ha)

I just might have to find a place to do this in our next home. Is it a look you would go for?


Image Sources: Elizabeth Dinkel; via decorpad (2 images); Sloan Mauran; House & Home; Bijou & Boheme


  1. It is the perfect classic look for a more traditional or architecturally rich home isn't it? It's definitely a look I love and would do in a heart-beat in the right home!! Ohhh to have a foyer... :-)

  2. Grandma MacMillan had a tiled black and white floor in one of the bathrooms in her house on Crawford Street. Very nice!

  3. Simply gorgeous! Love the lighting in the first few photographs!


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