Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Room Sneak Peek

Hello, friends! I hope this finds you well (and warm if you're from my neck of the woods). It's even colder today! Anyhow, the guest room is coming along nicely. We really just have some finishing touches to add. Woo hoo! 

We decided against a headboard and found this floral-inspired iron circle to hang above the bed. 

It was $20 so you can't beat that and I like how it adds some "curves" to the space; it balances the straight lines of the white square mirror and the three square frames that have yet to be hung. 

We're going to enlarge three family photos to go in the frames. We've chosen some older photos of when my brothers and I were much younger (and much cuter). The pictures also showcase some lovely scenery - places we liked to holiday as a family. 

Here's a look at the bedside tables and lamp. I liked the pineapple lamp not only because it was pretty, but also because the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. How perfect is that for a guest room?!

One little project I have to do is mount some seashells in this shadow box to hang on the wall. The shells were picked by my parents on Vancouver Island. My mom loves collecting shells and has them in vases all around the house. This will be a nice way to showcase some of the more interesting ones. 

The shadow box will hang on the wall between the lamp and bed. 

O.k. and then I have a few pillows to sew. We've chosen these fabrics. 

The dot fabric will coordinate nicely with the sweet william fabric (curtains).

And the yellow lemon drop fabric will add a nice splash of colour that isn't red or brown! 

And a reminder of what the sideboard and curtains look like. 

So, there you have it! It's coming together. I hope I didn't bore you with the details. The room has become a real cozy and welcoming space. We can't wait to finish it up! 


Fabrics by Tonic Living


  1. I'm on my way for a visit Sarah!! Such a lovely space :-) Of everything you've shared, my favourite has GOT to be the fabric you chose for the drapes!! Looks fantastic next to the sideboard, hey?! The pillow fabric you've choosen will coordinate wonderfully with them.
    Great work!! Looking forward to the end result :-)

  2. I am loving it! You are giving such personal touches AND I had no idea the pineapple was a symbol of hospitality -perfect!


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