Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Microwave Drawer Oven... Clever!

Yesterday evening I spent a good amount of time chatting with a design-savvy cousin of mine. She and her husband have renovated several homes over the years and recently built a home. I had sent her our house plans and we went over them last night for nearly an hour! She had some great ideas and suggestions (she has fabulous taste). We ended up discussing the kitchen for quite some time and the subject of the microwave came up. Where do you put the thing?! She told me about the microwave drawer made by SHARP that installs under counter. I had to look it up today, and here it is!

The SHARP microwave drawer oven (as it is called) comes in either a 24" or 30" width. Both sizes will hold a 9x13 inch dish and have front-mounted touch controls that are angled up for easy viewing. They also feature an automatic drawer opening system which sounds impressive (although I'm not entirely sure how it works).

I had a bit of trouble finding an exact price on this clever, tucked-away design, but the cost seems to range from $500-$700.

Have you heard of these types of microwaves? I realize the price tag is a little high; there are simpler ways of keeping your microwave in hiding. It is a smart idea though!



  1. Yes I have heard of them.... no I don't have one, sure wish I did along with the dishwasher and fridge and freezer drawers. Now for the money Fairy to come to my house. I think that they would be great, but then again I only use it mainly for reheating and well.... I don't reheat that much to cover the cost. So I guess I have talked myself out of one.

  2. Very clever indeed. I LOVE this idea. They are always are so big and bulky sitting on the counter or overhead. I'm actually surprised this is just coming out now.. Anyway, I think it looks fab and you should definitely have it in your new home :)


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