Thursday, January 5, 2012

Styled Bookshelves

Creating well styled and interesting vignettes is certainly an art. It can be especially tricky to make bookshelves look nice. Rows and rows of books lined up one beside the other can be rather boring. It's nice to mix things up a little. I found some great inspiration over at Lonny. After looking over their collection of styled bookshelves, I've come up with a few tips for great bookshelf styling.

1. Trays, baskets and boxes (and even a vintage suitcase!) are your best friends.
2. Stack some of your books or magazines.
3. Top stacks of books with pretty or quirky objects.
4. Use heavy objects as book ends.
5. Lean art or framed photographs beside or in front of books.
6. Stand large coffee table books upright to display the book cover (third picture, bottom shelf).
7. Mix, mix, mix!

I hope that gives you some fresh ideas. Styling can be so much fun especially if you have some great inspiration to get you started!


all images via Lonny


  1. I appreciate your first line about creating nice bookshelves and it being an art form. I rearrange mine a couple of times a year but I recently mixed it up and lined them up by color( like a rainbow.) It was a fun project! Thanks for all the bookshelves here to look at.

  2. Great ideas. But the trouble comes when you have too many books. I know someone with that problem.


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