Thursday, January 26, 2012

White with a Pop of Colour

So, I like white bedding. That probably won't come as a surprise to you. A simple white duvet or bedspread is so versatile. You can completely change the look of it by switching out the accent pillows or draping a throw over the end of the bed. We've had our white duvet for nearly 6 years now, and I still really like it. I haven't tired of it at all. It's a look I'll like for years to come!

Image sources: style at home; atlanta homes mag; via pinterest

With a simple, white canvass you can be more adventurous and trendy with the pillows you choose. Pillows are easy to switch up. Here are some accent pillows that add a pop of colour and some texture too!

And some pretty florals.

Pillow Sources: Designer Fluff; Designers Guild

So, while bedding like this is pretty...

I'm pretty sure I'd tire of it, but what do you think? (No pun intended there.)




  1. I'm totally with you. I have white bedding at my house in Seattle, with a few textured neutral pillows and a patterned green pillow, and a chenille light blue throw on the end that kind of breaks up the neutral! And at my parent's house I have a plain brown duvet which is really easy to pair things with as well! I think I'd definitely tire of a big distinct pattern like that on my bedspread...and pillows are so much easier/cheaper usually to change out! :)

  2. Yes... all white is my favourite too (big surprise, right?) I just bought new all white bedding after Christmas this year. Love it!

  3. I love white too...and even further...I have tried patterned sheets...but may never by anything but white again...I seem to sleep better! Our duvet is not white but I love to keep it simple as I love CUSHIONS...your cushions are beautiful!

  4. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I think I will always stick with white sheets... but I like to play around with patterned duvet covers to contrast against the white.


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