Monday, February 13, 2012

Artist: Bobbie Burgers

I spotted artist Bobbie Burgers' artwork in the recent House and Home magazine. Burgers is a Vancouver artist who studied art history at the University of Victoria. She also studied in France and likes to draw inspiration from that part of the world. She is known for her lovely bouquets and florals. So much flowery prettiness! Love it.

Her work has so much movement to it, filled with depth and texture. Some of my favourite blooms are peonies and tulips so it's no wonder these make me happy.

Hope they bring some cheer to your day too!



  1. I love her work! House and Home has featured a few of her homes too, all of which are fabulous! Love the depth and layers to her work!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the ones with mostly blue and yellow.

  3. I love her work as well! The home that House & Home featured a long time ago is AMAZING! And, of course, she decorates with her enormous, gorgeous pics throughout, so it's bound to be beautiful!


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