Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee Table Styling

These days my coffee table is usually barren. Well, barren of anything ornamental and especially anything breakable. Of course there are often children's books, puzzles, crayons and an assortment of toys strewn across the top. At this stage of life it's just easier to keep the table clear of my stuff so I don't have to worry about it. I do like a well-styled coffee table though and there will come a day when I have one!

The most common way to style a coffee table is to artfully arrange a collection of lovely things. There are often stacks of books, pretty bowls or boxes, trays, candles, etc. Like this...

I've also seen people style the table with just one or two over sized objects. It's not as common but makes for a less cluttered look and creates a dramatic focal point. Like this...

Some "good-styling allies":

1. Trays. Use one or more depending on the size of your table. They're great for creating neat, organized groupings.

2. Decorative Bowls and Boxes. Tuck the remote away in one of the boxes.

3. Stacks of books and/or magazines. These look great on top of the table and even stacked beneath.

4. Candles.

5. Decorative Objects. It may be fun if they're a little quirky too. They make interesting conversation pieces, and a bit of quirk shows that you don't take yourself or your decorating style too seriously.

6. Flowers. The perfect addition to any space.

Have a stylin' weekend, friends.


All Images via Lonny Mag (Second to last image: Hearst Designer Visions Showhouse via Parlour)


  1. Thanks for the post! Great ideas and i think everyone needs help decorating boring coffee tables! Love the vases with the pop of green!

  2. I hear ya! My coffee table has been bare for 4 years now! Every time I try and put something on there, the kids flock to it a motto a flame! Then I just end up re- arranging it all the time. Maybe someday I can have a pretty coffee tale again:)

  3. All such wonderful ideas...& I practice them....but some stuff just creeps in! But I really appreciate these images...inspiration for sure!

  4. How I would LOVE to have my coffee table look like any one of these. But sadly, I will need to wait until my children are older and appreciate a nice looking coffee table. But for now I will have to deal with lego creations, doll clothes, the odd Nerf blaster, beads and colouring books. Sigh!


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