Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Constrasting Seat Cushions

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope your day is lovely and filled with at least a little bit of special. I don't have anything very Valentines-ish for you today. Sorry. Hope you can get your red and pink fix somewhere!

I've been dreaming about slip covering our sofa for a while now. It's a rather bland brown colour and I'd like something different. I still like the style of the sofa, but I'd like a fresh, non-brown look. I've avoided tackling the project to date though. To be honest, I'm a little intimidated by it and recently I've noticed a different kind of look that would be an easy out for me. The look I've spotted is sofas with contrasting seat cushions, where the seat cushions are a different fabric from the rest of the sofa. Here's what I mean...

Here's a banquette with the same look.

This could be something for me to try. It would be simpler than doing the whole sofa but would still give me that fresh, new look I'm dreaming of. I could even choose a patterned fabric if I dare.

What are your thoughts? It seems like a good place to start, and if I still find myself wishing for the full slipcover, I can always change things up down the road.


Image Sources: Suzanne Dimma; House and Home; pinterest


  1. Yes, most definitely! The worse case scenario is you don't like it and then you can have the cushion match the sofa. I like the idea of mixing textures too, say velvet with linen!

    I want to slipcover our micro beige sofa but after yesterday I am thinking I should stick with it as I spilled my passion tea all over it and it cleaned up with no stain!

  2. I've done this before and it was a perfect fix!! My mom handed down a sofa she had but the cushion fabric had ripped with wear. The sofa itself had a floral print (this was in the 80s) that I knew I'd never match so I found fabric in a colour that matched the background perfectly. When I took the old covers off I used them as patterns for the new covers... and I used the old floral cushion piping, which was a great way to pull everything together. I actually liked the look better then before because the solid-coloured cushions toned down the pattern of the whole sofa. I'd recommend doing something like this if you'd like a temporary change!! Of course simple slip covers would do for you (unlike me... I had to actually replace the covers).
    Try it!!

  3. oh yes do it! & let me know how it works out! We have a restoration hardware couch (in taupe velvet) & I love it but I am getting the 3 seat cushions slipcovered in white to look like one long cushion for a change!

  4. I do like that idea of contrasting cushions! Thanks for posting, it's something to think about. You have a fabulous blog here too, full of gorgeous-ness!

  5. Check out my copy of this same banquette. traditionallymoderndesign.blogspot.com


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