Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cozy Up Sectionals

I'm sorry I don't have much ready for today. I was up most of the night with my three year old who had a serious tummy bug. I've lost count but I think she's lost her cookies at least 7 times now! Ugh. I'm up to be elbows in laundry and just ran out of detergent... nice. Oh well. We'll manage. She seems better now which is good and thankfully no one else seems have the pucks. (Sorry for the gross details.)

I spotted this great sectional over at La Dolce Vita where Erica was sharing her dream home. It looks so cozy but stylish. Perfect for a family room.

I thought this space was nice too. Something a little more modern with a big city feel.

A large sectional is just the thing to cozy up on as a family. I'm sure my little people and I will have lots of cuddles today as everyone gets back to normal.

I hope you and yours stay free of tummy bugs!


Images: House Beautiful and via Decorpad


  1. Oh how crummy:( Hope she feels better soon! As for sectionals - love them. We have one and my family loves it, all 5 of us can cozy up and watch a movie together!

  2. oh dear child! hope she feels better soon!
    I am crazy about that first couch! Love how its two toned!

  3. Watching movies with family really does feel good.. ^_^ having quality time with family is what matters most... the furniture will help add up to the beauty of the moment...

  4. I would to have information on how I can find that first couch


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