Monday, February 6, 2012

Family-Friendly Dining

A new week begins! I hope you have a good start to yours. Things are better around our house as the puking has stopped and appetites are returning, along with restful sleeps and more manageable amounts of laundry.

I know I shared a design board just a few days ago, but I guess I kind of got on a roll and put this one together too. My goal was to create a family-friendly dining space that would have a casual and welcoming feel to it. I chose a rustic trestle table that looks worn (so what would it matter if it ended up with a few more nicks and scratches) and plastic Eames dining chairs. Plastic is perfect for the occasional spills that are inevitable with little kids around. So much easier to clean than upholstered chairs.

The space ended up having a bit of a nautical or cottage feel to it and those hicks pendant lights tie in really well with that kind of a look.

Would this space be friendly to your family?  

Area Rug, Table Runner: IKEA
Pendant Lights: Circa Lighting
Eames Chair via Design Within Reach
Pillow: Tonic Living
Fretwork Mirrors, Dishes, Lanterns: ZGallerie
Trestle Table: Wisteria 


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  1. Love it! We used the hicks lights over my mom & dad's island, and I just love them! I have one sitting in a box in my closet, and don't know what to do with it! I think I need to save up for a pair.


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