Thursday, March 29, 2012

A-List Lighting (For the New House)

I'm knee-deep in lighting options right now. We can't choose lighting from just anywhere because of warranty issues and such with our builder. That doesn't mean there isn't a ton to choose from though, and we can always change things up down the road if we want to. Some options that have caught my eye...

1. Chrome Dome Pendant at Robinson Lighting (To possibly hang above a round table in the foyer.)
2. White Drum Shade & Chrome Semi-Flush Mount at Robinson Lighting (Front Entrance)
3. Jolene Mid-Sized Chandelier at Richardson Lighting (Considering two of these to hang above the kitchen island.)
4. 5-light Drum Shade Chandelier at Richardson Lighting (Perhaps for the Dining Room)
5. Quatrefoil Semi-Flush Mount at Robinson (Mudroom or Hallway)
6. Exterior Lighting at Robinson
7. Drum Shade Semi-Flush Mount (in black or white) at Robinson (Mudroom, Hallway, or Master Bedroom)
8. Sconce, Brass with White Shade at Robinson (Considering a pair to flank the fireplace in the LR.)
9. Bathroom Fixtures at Robinson

Here's another fixture I thought was rather stunning (at Richardson). It's unfortunately quite expensive. I love the simple, clean lines and the vintage feel though. We could eat noodles for a month, right?

Obviously this doesn't cover all the lighting in the house, but it's a start with a focus on the main living areas.

So, what do you think of the lighting so far? Love? Hate?


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