Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Notes from Samantha Pynn

Here are some notes I took from Samantha Pynn's presentation at Home Styles (Saskatoon, SK) this past weekend.

She gave us four main points for decorating a space. Her approach is practical and accessible.

1. Start with a Floor Plan. Either draw it by hand or try an online program. Lots of furniture stores have programs you can use for free.

2. Create a Storyboard or Inspiration File. Collect pictures of furniture and write down the dimensions for each piece. Carry paint chips and fabric samples with you. Don't try and go from your memory.

3. Work with what you have.

4. Buy vintage or 2nd hand. Consider upcycling what you find with a fresh coat of paint or an upholstery job (or even just a professional cleaning job).

Other little tidbits:
  • Avoid too many big pieces in a space.
  • Repetition is your greatest tool.
  • Be VERY purposeful with your feature wall. If not done correctly, it will look cheap like you couldn't afford to paint or paper the whole room so you just did one wall. (Very true.)
  • Create banquette/bench seating with short, "above the fridge", upper cabinets. This is way cheaper than having something custom built.
  • Mount sconces at eye level.

I mentioned yesterday that the subject of the "oak package" came up several times. Samantha's solution was to paint it (which isn't surprising). She said that oak trim visually breaks up your space too much, whereas white trim blends in better. White trim almost recedes into the background, allowing other things (like your furniture and artwork) to take centre stage.

Here are some of my favourite "Samantha Interiors". She's one talented lady!

Oh, and she has a new show airing April 2nd called "Summer House" where she and her team decorate 13 homes in cottage country. Sounds like it will be good!



  1. I like the colour-blocking in the drapery in the first photo. Wow! Listen to me. Colour-blocking?!? I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about. I must be married to a designer extraordinaire (who is pretty "glam" from what I hear).

  2. Thanks for the re-cap! I'm SO glad to hear that she recommended painting out the oak!! I guess I'm on the right track!


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