Monday, April 16, 2012

Ensuite Shower Sketch

Happy Monday! I hope this finds you well. Here's a quick peek at the tile we're planning to use for our ensuite shower. We're going to use a basic white subway tile but in a slightly larger size. I believe it's 4x8 (inches) rather than 3x6 and it has a bevelled edge. There's also a nice trim tile that coordinates with it. We're going to use the trim tile to create a boxy design on the back wall of the shower. This is the tile here...

And here is my very rough sketch of what I have in mind for the tile design...

As you can hopefully see, the trim tile will create a boxy design and the subway tiles will be installed vertically within the decorative border. The two squares on the right wall are "cutouts" so we have a place to set shampoo bottles etc. I was inspired by Kelly Wearstler's green bathroom. (She used white trim tile and green subway tiles behind the sinks at right. Our shower won't be quite as dramatic.)

We stopped by the house again yesterday and the framing is done, windows and doors are in, shingles are installed, and the plumbing has begun! Woot!

So far so good. Hopefully my shower idea pans out alright. What do you think of it?


Image via pinterest


  1. Lookin good Sarah! In the midst of working on my own ensuite as well:)

  2. I just about died when I read this post, as I was JUST IN that exact bathroom a few days ago!!! It's at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica and yes, it is to die for...actually the whole hotel designed by Kelly Wearstler is incredible. Post coming later this week. :)


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