Monday, April 23, 2012

Kitchen Dress Up

Happy Monday, friends! I hope this finds you well. We finalized all the electrical and lighting for our new house over the weekend. We got to walk through with our builder and decide where each light fixture would go (which is hard to do without any furniture in the space), where we wanted outlets, phone jacks, etc. It was lots of fun and now we can check one more thing off the list. Woot!

A gorgeous, gold-finish french press popped up in my pinterest feed today (thanks, Andrea), and it got me thinking (you'll see the french press in the collage below). I've rounded up a few things that should be kept on your kitchen counters. Everything else can be relegated to a drawer, cupboard or the pantry. (If only it were that easy.) Dress up your kitchen with a few of these pretty accessories; some of them even go beyond "accessory" and actually serve a useful purpose while looking lovely.

1. Nice Looking & Sweet Smelling. This Pure and Good Hand Duo Set from Anthropologie would be perfect beside the kitchen sink.

2. Perfectly Shaped Glass Canisters with Chrome Lids at Williams Sanoma. Canisters can be pretty.

3. Wood Salad Bowl Set with Gold Leaf by Diane Von Furstenberg at the Bay. I love the wood and gold together. So warm and rich.

4. Stylish small appliances. Kitchen Aid Mixer in Stainless Steel and Bodum French Press Coffee Maker at Zappos.

5. This white and gold bowl would be perfect as a fruit bowl and a stack of vintage tea cups adds subtle colour and pattern. (Both at Etsy)

Kitchen Tray & Cherry Blossoms via pinterest.

You can get pink blossoms like the ones above at Michael's. They're quite pretty and they last!

Well, now I'm off to clutter up my kitchen with supper prep! Project pretty kitchen will be put on hold for a little while.

Catch you later!



  1. OH I wish my counters had that much style!...great inspiration and motivation!

  2. Love the pink blossoms. I have tons of forsythia in bloom right now. They won't last long in a vase but I think I'll bring some in for this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration...looking forward to more on your house. M


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