Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make a Statement with Anthro Wallpaper

I'm quite taken with the wallpaper over at Anthropologie right now. Some of it is definitely on the quirky side, but we all need a bit of quirk in our lives, right? They also have sweet dots, pretty florals, cute owls, and a whole lot more!

Perfect for a nursery or kid's room

I would love to use one of the patterns in our future 1/2 bath. We'll have to see though. It's a little pricey. Some of the rolls are priced at $88/roll which isn't so bad, but the more detailed patterns are $150 and up. That's why I'd only paper our 1/2 bath - the smallest room in the house!  

Did you have a favourite pattern?



  1. I love the last 2, the silver trees and the faint gold ones on the red. A friend of mine fell in love with this beautiful paper we saw at a designer home on a charity tour. It was a matte finish pale aqua with a gold leafy vine,. It was quite simple...really gorgeous. It had a 21" repeat for the pattern and even in her small bathroom it ended up too rich for her blood. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I could really go for a wall of that large-scaled chartreuse flowers!! FUN! Have a great weekend Sarah! :)


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