Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixing Styles (Living Room)

I've been experimenting with mixing different furniture styles and pulling together a few living room arrangements. Here are three boards I've put together that I think work pretty well. It's always fun to combine different pieces of furniture and different styles to create an interesting, one-of-a-kind look. There's of course nothing wrong with buying a furniture set but it's not very interesting or unique (and all the professional designers will tell you not to do it).

Mixing and matching different pieces reflects your personal taste and style better and lets you experiment like I have here. (It also means you don't have to commit to only one style of sofa, loveseat and armchair. If you like some different styles then try mixing them all together for a truly unique look!)

1. Blakeley Sofa by Jonathan Adler
2. Sophia Pendant at Maisons Dumonde
3. Brass Coffee Table at Neiman Marcus
4. Jayson Home and Garden Slipper Chair via 1st Dibs

1. Porter Brass Lamp at Jayson Home and Garden
2. Modern Club Chair via pinterest
3. Kensington Sofa by Jonathan Adler
4. Capucheen Pearl Pillow at The Cross Design & Decor
5. Coffee Table via 1st Dibs

1. White Wingback Chair (Source Unknown)
2. Amil Side Table at Made Goods
3. Blue Tufted Velvet Sofa at Mercantila

In each board I've really tried to mix things up and somehow (call me crazy) it works! Here are a few guidelines or tips for mixing styles successfully.

1. Choose one main piece as your starting point. That may be the sofa or area rug and then go from there.

2. Maintain balance. Pair leggy furniture with grounded furniture. Pair light furniture with a bulky or substantial piece.

3. If in doubt, try it out. Sometimes you don't know if pieces will work together until you see them in your space. Keep your receipts or ask if you can take a piece of furniture out on loan before you commit to purchasing it.

4. Focus on using colour and texture to tie things together. Usually this will create a cohesive look even if the style and shape of each piece is quite different.

5. Don't hesitate to ask for help whether that means asking a friend with good taste or hiring a professional. And don't take yourself too seriously! It's not about creating the perfect space; it's about creating a space that you like and feel at home in.

I would just mention as well that even if you want an overall traditional look say, it's still a good idea to throw something unexpected in the mix. Perhaps a modern console or some abstract art. Otherwise, your space will look straight out of a show room or catalogue and that can be rather boring.

Do you have anything to add? I'm sure there are other useful tips to be heard.

Enjoy your weekend!


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