Friday, April 27, 2012

Stacey Cohen's Toronto Condo

Check out this crisp black and white condo designed by Stacey Cohen, a Toronto-based interior designer. I love the pops of pink and blue - definitely a favourite colour combo of mine and an excellent choice to give this condo a fresh, youthful look. The overall vibe is modern but pretty and homey at the same time. That sectional in the living room looks so plush and those sparkly light fixtures add the perfect touch of feminine glam. Stacey nailed it if you ask me!

Stacey's condo was featured at Style at Home. You can learn more about Stacey here.

TGIF! Tomorrow I have to finalize the exterior stone for our new house and my husband is taking off for a few days to have a study break before his big, scary exam. The kids and I get to hang with my parents which is just good fun for all of us.

I plan for be back with a new house update next week - some new pictures to come! And I've been working on a Mother's Day gift guide too (in case you need some fresh ideas for mom's day). Rock on, friends!


Images via Belle Maison and Style at Home


  1. Kind of silly...but I love the floors! M

  2. You’re right, Sarah. It is indeed a nice interior designed by Stacey Cohen. Both black and blue exude that classy look, but at the same time with an innovative feel to it.

    Luise Baanders


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