Monday, May 28, 2012

A Birthday, House Randoms & Still Running

Hello, friends. I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was lovely. We got to celebrate this little guy's 2nd birthday! My baby boy is growing up. Sniff.

And I got to clean my house from top to bottom again because we had an open house. Bleh.

I have a few more details to share from our new build, and I'm just going to jump right in. We hope to do a grid panelled wall in the Master Bedroom. The idea is similar to a feature wall without using paint or wallpaper. Something like this...

Bathroom via House and Home; Living Room via Marcus Design

We also picked out a few ceiling medallions at Home Depot. They're light-weight, inexpensive and they're supposed to be easy to install. It's a simple way to add some architectural detail and character to your home. We're putting up three. One in the dining room, the entrance, and the master bedroom. These are the styles and sizes we chose. You want to choose a size that complements the size of your light fixture. Oh, and they're paintable.

29" for Dining Room

24" for Master Bedroom

17" for Entrance

And this is the end post we chose for our stair railing. The spindles will just be plain and square. (Sorry the picture is so tiny.)

The hand rail will be painted black and the posts and spindles white. Here are a few inspiration pics.

Images via Pinterest

I should also mention that I did NOT run that 1/2 marathon yesterday (if you remeber that I was training for it). I have been running fairly consistently but I got behind in my training. Fitting in the long runs doesn't always happen on a weekly basis like it needs to (probably because I'd rather blog or "pin"). I think the longest I've gone is 8 miles and I need to go 13! I have my sights set on a race that's coming up August 12th in Saskatoon. It's called the River Run Classic. I've done it before, and I should better be ready by then.


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  1. I cannot wait to see your house when it is done! And I hope you know that if I copy every single thing you do, it is a compliment to your incredible taste and not at all me trying to masquerade that I am a talented design mastermind - that's all you!!


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