Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choosing Paint Colours

Here are the paint colours we've more or less decided on. I'm just going to say that it's tough choosing colours with just a 2" x 2" paint chip to go on. Also, none of the flooring is in which will change the whole look of the house. I'm doing this with my fingers crossed.

If you've used any of these colours and either love or hate them I would really like to hear from you! O.k. here they are. (All colours are Benjamin Moore.)

The front door and a few interior doors are going to painted onyx black.

Our go to wall colour for most of the Main Floor Walls, Master Bedroom, Upstairs Bathrooms, Laundry Room & Pantry will be White Dove. It looks quite grey here, but the chip shows it to be more creamy and almost off white which is what I'm going for. (Again, fingers crossed.)

Kitchen Cabinets: Simply White

Trim & Doors: Chantilly Lace

I think we'll go with Wispy Pink for Avery's Room. It's a very soft, warm pink.

And I'm deciding between Tundra and Marilyn's Dress for Luke's room and the bonus room. They are both soft greys. Marilyn's Dress seems to have a slight blue hue to it, and I'm not sure what I think of that.


Tundra Wall Colour (in a very bright room)

Marilyn's Dress

Marilyn's Dress Wall Colour

So, there you have it. Any thoughts or favourite colours you'd like to share? I most definitely want to hear them. I've chosen these colours on a bit of a whim so here's hoping it all turns out.



  1. Oh Sarah!! I love ALL of them! Beautiful choices!

  2. I love your selections. There's nothing better than a great black door in the perfect white room. Hard choice between the greys...both are great.

  3. Amazing choices... my kitchen cabinets are simply white, and I'm really happy with them. They are warm, but still a 'white' white. Love the soft pink for Avery's room. Tough choice between the grays... I'd probably lean towards tundra because Marilyn's Dress reads quite blue.

  4. Your choices are perfect! And the black for your door won't disappoint. I am so looking forward to seeing these colours in action!!! :-)


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