Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Designer Melanie Turner

I came across the work of American designer Melanie Tuner recently, and I'm quite smitten. I'm adding her to my list of favourite designers. Her portfolio is packed full of interiors I like. She would be classified as a traditional designer but her work is fresh and innovative. I love the glamorous flare as well. Complete gorgeousness. First up, the designer herself and then a ton of lovely interiors. (I had to include lots because they're just that good.)

Beautiful. You can visit Melanie Turner Interiors to learn more about the designer and to see more of her stunning work.


All images via Melanie Turner Interiors

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  1. Wow ...Great looking homes! Wonderful how she adds some zoom to traditional!...with just the right amount of colour!
    Your new home is looking good!


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