Thursday, May 17, 2012

House Ramblings & Cast Your Vote

Hello, dears. This is bit of a hodge podge post today. A little of this and that. First up, here are a few things that made it home with me recently.

Meet Mr. Horse. I like him. He reminds me of my riding days. (We lived on an acreage for 6 years when I was growing up and we owned a few horses. I took lessons and even competed at some shows believe it or not!)

And then there's this thing. I'm not sure what to call it and I'm not sure if it's cool or tacky. When I first saw it I thought cool but then I wasn't sure. At $16 I thought it was a risk I could take and we had a bare wall that needed to be filled before we listed our house. Observe.

It turns out that we have to re-choose a free standing tub for our ensuite. The one we had originally picked was going to be too wide for the bathroom. Here are the two we're considering now. Which do you prefer?

And this is the handleset I chose for our exterior doors (front door and patio/deck doors). At Schlage.

Here's a reminder of the style of our front door. (It's going to be painted black with a glossy finish.)

I'm thinking we may need a knocker on the front of the door too. This lion head knocker is popular amongst us bloggers and might do the trick. We'll have to see. (Available through Lee Valley.)

Our interior doors have been selected too. We went with the Cambridge style at Jeld-Wen. (Ignore the aweful blue colour.)

I should have some fresh pictures of our new build next week. We stopped to see it last weekend but it was getting too dark to take pictures. All of the dry wall is up which is super exciting and it makes it feel more like a house and less like a prison. It's so much easier to visualize what each of the rooms is going to look like.

I'll stop my rambling for now but let me know which tub you would choose before you go!



  1. The oval shape is more classic to me so it depends on the style of bathroom you are going for. More modern then the rectangle, oval for a more classic feel. I am also looking for freestanding tubs!


  2. I vote for the second one! Not sure why... they are both lovely. I would LOVE to have a free-standing tub someday!

  3. They're both beautiful. I think I would want to sit in them (if possible). The first looks like it might be more comfortable on your back because of the curve, but the second looks a little longer on the bottom so maybe more leg room?

  4. I'm with Carissa...I love the 2nd one. I have seen the first one over and over again. can you have a "sit" in both before you decide?
    Love the door knocker! Love the door handle on the left.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. No, unfortunately we can't see them (or sit in them) in person before we decide. But I took your advice and went with the rectangular one!

  5. I like the first one. It seems to have a "softer" more inviting feel to it. But if the second one has more leg room then I am not sure. :)


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