Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mixing Metals

In case you wondered, mixing metals is rad. No need to stick to chrome or brass or oil-rubbed bronze exclusively. You can have them all in your home and in even in the same room if you so desire! I love the rich, layered look a mix of metals offers. The mix brings a sense of depth and often a glamorous feel to a space. Warm and cool metals can mix seamlessly for a beautiful look. Here are a few spaces where metals take centre stage.

No need to be nervous about mixing it up anymore. It can most definitely be done and dare I say, should be done!

O.k. I got inspired and had to try mixing some metals of my own. A little vignette in the corner of our bedroom. (Thrown together in about 5 minutes.)

Metals are lovely. So luxe.


Images: Lloyd Ralphs Design; via Pinterest; via The Decorista


  1. I love the shapes and textures you chose for your vignette. You're right - mixed metals are great, why not? (BTW, Rona sells a black tri-pod lamp like the one in the first picture for cheap... if you're looking for one)

    1. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the things RONA carries. Thanks for the tip!


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