Friday, May 4, 2012

Skirted Tables & A Sketch

Skirted tables are just plain good. The skirt amps up the style in big way and can make any sort of table fashionable. It saves you having to decorate or "fill up the space" under the table too, while offering some hidden storage. I'd love to do a skirted table in our new house foyer. Here's a little inspiration I've gathered.

I like the deco ribbon detail on this table. Not the colours so much but the ribbon is great.

The look must be very tailored to work for me. Topping the table with a piece of glass or mirror would be the perfect finishing touch.

This is where I'm thinking of putting the table.

And here's a quick sketch of what it might look like. (Poor quality but you get the idea.)

With this light fixture hanging above it.

So pretty, right? Sigh.


Image Sources: via pinterest; Jeneration Interiors; via decorpad; Palmer Weiss; via Houzz; via pinterest; sketch & house plan mine; via pinterest


  1. Oh wow great inspiration...I am liking the linen one with button & tab!
    What a great place for one in your home!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the linen with the button tab as well. And I love the placement in the turn of the stairs! I especially like the photo of the white room with dark floor...I'd like to walk right into that picture. Oh and your shoes...Fabulous! Have a great weekend...looking forward to more from you. Meredith

  3. I love seeing all of your house plans! It must be so much fun!


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