Friday, June 29, 2012

What Sort of Bedroom Are You

Are you dramatic, colourful and at times a little moody?

Image Sources: Jill Sorensen of Marmalade Interiors; Elle Decor; Gabriel Hendifar

Or are you soft and serene, longing for a quiet retreat?

Image Sources: Pinterest (2 images); Elle Decor

Both can be lovely. It really just depends on what YOU like best.

Happy Weekend, friends! I'm supposed to have a look at our new build tomorrow which has me in a rather giddy state. Hopefully I'll have pictures for you on Monday.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Window Treatments in an Open Concept Space

Our new place has an open concept kitchen, dining and living area. Here's a reminder of the main floor layout.

As you can see, there are three windows in the great room and then patio doors and two windows in the dining room. Real life pictures (I showed you these a while ago.)

I've been wondering how I'm going to dress the windows. Should I keep all the window treatments the same or do different things between the living and dining room windows. That got me searching around for some inspiration. Unfortunately, it's been a little challenging to find helpful pictures. I did find some in Samantha Pynn's portfolio though.

She does the same window treatments in both the living and dining room areas.

Another example.

And again.

It really ties the two spaces together and creats a cohesive look.

My gut feeling is to keep things the same in the space. Right now I'm thinking I'll hang curtains on the three windows in the living room and the two in the dining room. The patio doors will likely be left alone (the windows have built in blinds).

Seems like a safe bet to me. What do you think?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogger Turned Hacker

I hope this will be me. I want to so badly hack an IKEA wardrobe to create a boutique style closet in our new place. I mean look at what people have done with basic IKEA wardrobes!

via Elements of Style and Ronces Reno Diary

Even Tommy Smythe is doing it!

It's pure genius in my books. Getting that built in look for less and the way they customize the wardrobes with hardware, mirror, paint, o'verlays (and other awesome stuff) is the cat's meow! Because a good-looking closet is a well organized closet. Hide away most of the stuff and keep the prettiest things on display (bags, shoes, jewellry, etc.)

via Pinterest and Betsy Burnham

By the way, sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Our power went out late Monday night / early Tuesday morning, and it's still out. We're camping out at my in-laws place right now. (Camping isn't the proper term for it.) Our entire city was shut down. Crazy. Hopefully we can get home later today. (We had a severe, freak-you-out kind of thunderstorm in case you're wondering. In fact, it was so freaky that my husband slept through the entire thing. Stinker.)


***Update: Our power is on and we're home. Yay!***

Monday, June 25, 2012

Things that Sparkle

I had a fabulous weekend in a gorgeous, sparkly kind of way. First of all, me and my man celebrated 6 years of marriage! I sure do love him. He's my best friend. He's thoughtful, kind, hardworking, loving, hilarious (though you might not see that side of him at first), smart, musical, and so much more! He's also a great dad. My lover. My friend. I want to grow old with him.

AND he knows I like pretty things. After our dinner out on Saturday we stopped to see that antique chandelier I had showed you on Friday. It was perfect! It came home with us.

(Excuse my arm)

I am thinking it will hang in the new house mudroom. Some inspiration I've been collecting.

Images via pinterest

I'm quite sure green walls will be happening. Eeek!

We also stopped by to see those chandelier pendants (for the kitchen) and decided to go with them. They're pretty great. (Thanks for all your comments and feedback on the various pendant options by the way.)

In case you missed my kitchen plan. Here are some of the pieces we're planning to pull together in that space. She's going to be purdy!

There was even a good deal of socializing that happened. Yep, it was a good weekend. How was yours?


Friday, June 22, 2012

Visiting an Old Friend

My interest in and love for thrifting (the old friend) has been revived. Look what I found while perusing some local classifieds - something I hadn't done in a while.

Antique chandelier amazingness! It would look fabulous in our mudroom or closet or perhaps my someday office. If we did put it in the mudroom, I'd want to paint the walls a wonderful kelly green and then pull together some of these accessories (our floors are going to be black and white checkered as seen below).

1. Baroque Mirror at Black Rooster Decor
2. Kelly Green Paint by Benjamin Moore
3. Palm Leaf Pillow via google (A leafy motif to cover the mudroom bench.)
4. Guard Dog at Black Rooster Decor
5. Persian Rug at IKEA

And what if you had a few of these brass hooks on the wall?! Giddy me. (Recycled Consign & Design)

Or these black and white beauties to tie in with the floor. (Anthropologie)

Yes, it's a little over the top, but the mudroom is a small enclosed room so we could handle it. Actually we'd probably love it and want to live in there!

I also spotted this gorgeous persian rug for sale. The magenta pink is so unique (if that in fact is its true colour). It wouldn't fit in the mudroom, but I'm sure we could find a home for it. It's SO pretty.


We hope to see both the chandelier and rug tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Happy Weekend, friends! Are you a hardcore thrifter or do you just dabble?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Symmetry, Oh how I Love Thee

Let me count the ways.

Most people agree that symmetry is beautiful.  It's a safe way to decorate because it almost always looks good. I've heard it said that if you can buy two of something, whether that be two vases, two lamps, or two chairs, then do it.

That being said, it's nice to mix things up from time to time. Symmetry shines and keeps from being boring when it's offset with a little asymmetry - something unexpected. Here are some examples of asymmetry in small doses. There is a strong symmetrical base or foundation with one or two things just a little off. It keeps things fresh and interesting. Interiors can look static and too perfect if everything is exact.

White Blossoms on the Left

Asymmetrical Leaf Wall Art

Mismatched Bedside Tables

Off-Centre Photograph

One Lamp

It was much harder to find examples of asymmetry, and I think that just goes to show that most people do prefer a symmetrical look. Being always perfect is a little boring though. Be daring and out there from time to time. I have to remind my perfectionist self of this. How about you?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pendant Possibilities

Hello, dears. I know I told you we had chosen our lighting for the new house awhile ago and we did. At the time I was undecided about the kitchen pendants though, so we simply chose the cheapest pendants we could. The idea was that we would switch them out once we moved in. Another reason for doing it this way was that the lighting store we placed the order through didn't carry some of the pendants I was interested in. (I hope that makes sense.)

Originally, I had thought hicks pendants would look good. Something like this...

But then I wasn't so sure. I do like the pendants and I think they work, but they are very popular. So now I'm thinking I might want something more unique.

I've been eyeing this large, glass pendant by Regina Andrew. It's simple and elegant. Gold finish on the interior with a black finish on the exterior. 15" diameter.

The drawback in choosing either of these pendants (Hicks or Andrew) is that I've never seen them in person. I could likely return them if they didn't work, but I'd prefer to save myself the hassle and the shipping fees.

Then I remembered seeing a crystal lantern chandelier at Robinson Lighting (which is where we got all the lighting from). It was pretty and sparkly. Very similar to this.

I do love chandeliers. I'd have one if every room if that wasn't deemed extravagant and financially prohibitive. The perks to choosing this fixture is that I've seen it in person and I can order it now (in hopes that it would arrive in time to be installed for our move in date). This will give you an idea of what it would look like in the kitchen (sorry for the poor quality).

The chandeliers definitely change the look of things, but they make my heart go pitter patter. My husband doesn't dig them quite like I do, but he's on board. I switched the rug out too for this ink blue, over-dyed gorgeousness.

If we went with the chandeliers we'd have a total of three in the house and that doesn't seem too over the top to me. This one is going to hang in the foyer.

Feedback time. Please and thank you!!!


p.s. Something funky is going on with the font for my blog post title. Can't seem to fix it. Sorry about that.