Monday, June 11, 2012

The Big Boy Bedroom

One of the first things we'll be doing once we move into the new house is transitioning Luke into his big boy bedroom. Right now his room still looks like a nursery and he's actually sleeping in a play pen! (He fell out of the crib about a month ago and it traumatized us both.) We're supposed to be getting a beautiful spindle bed from James' grandmother later this summer. We'll set that up in Luke's new bedroom and pack the ugly play pen away!

Here is what I'm planning on doing for the big boy. (The bed we'll be getting is similar to the one shown below but less black and more brown and more spindly.)

I know you've seen most of these pieces in other design boards I've done. That's because I like 'em, and I'm looking forward to using them in a real life room. Red, blues, browns and a pop of bright green. I'll probably turn the IKEA bookshelf on its side and position it under the window, and I may do an airplane gallery instead of just the one print. Something like this...

Image via pinterest

Elephant Pillow, Ikat Fabric, Navy and White Chevron all at Tonic Living
Alphabet Pillow at Black Rooster Decor
Persian Rug, Bookshelf and Rocking Moose at IKEA
Moravian Star Pendnat at Home Depot
Airplane Art by Flights by Number (Etsy)
Amil Side Table at Made Goods

I think it will be one sweet space for a very sweet boy!



  1. Love the rug and the curtain fabric! Actually I love it all! Lucky boy! :)

  2. Oh Sarah! This room is going to be adorable!! That bed will be amazing... such a great starting point for the big boy room. Love the ikat fabric too.

  3. That is going to be perfect. How lucky to get that bed too! It is going to look amazing!


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