Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blogger Turned Hacker

I hope this will be me. I want to so badly hack an IKEA wardrobe to create a boutique style closet in our new place. I mean look at what people have done with basic IKEA wardrobes!

via Elements of Style and Ronces Reno Diary

Even Tommy Smythe is doing it!

It's pure genius in my books. Getting that built in look for less and the way they customize the wardrobes with hardware, mirror, paint, o'verlays (and other awesome stuff) is the cat's meow! Because a good-looking closet is a well organized closet. Hide away most of the stuff and keep the prettiest things on display (bags, shoes, jewellry, etc.)

via Pinterest and Betsy Burnham

By the way, sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Our power went out late Monday night / early Tuesday morning, and it's still out. We're camping out at my in-laws place right now. (Camping isn't the proper term for it.) Our entire city was shut down. Crazy. Hopefully we can get home later today. (We had a severe, freak-you-out kind of thunderstorm in case you're wondering. In fact, it was so freaky that my husband slept through the entire thing. Stinker.)


***Update: Our power is on and we're home. Yay!***

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  1. Those are should so do it. Glad your power is back. Ours was only out seven hours so can't complain. Welcome to summer I guess!


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