Monday, June 18, 2012

Blossoms, Trees & A Few New House Details

A new week begins. Sorry I didn't post anything on Friday. James was off so we spent the day just being together. I have a few little details to share from our new build. We're so anxious to see the house again, and that should happen this coming weekend. I'll be sure to post some pictures when I've got them!

Here is a look at our baseboards which are 7 1/4" tall. Yay! And a look at the exterior post for the front of the house. And the kitchen cabinet doors. Ours will be very similar to what you see here, but we're going to do a straight outer edge, so there won't be another ridge or lip around the outside. Oh, and they'll be painted white.

Now, for the blossoms and trees (specifically fig trees). I love the look of both. They bring a fresh look to any space and add some natural sculptural interest.

These are the kinds of house plants I could go for.

Hope you have a good start to your week!


Image Sources: Claiborne Swanson Frank NY Apartment via Elle Decor; Emily Norris' Home via House and Home; Keri Russell's Brooklyn Brownstone Home via Elle Decor; via Pinterest; Betsy Burnham


  1. Love your baseboards! Nice choice. Dutch Growers had some nice fig trees earlier in the season... not sure if there are any left... I was tempted to get one but didn't. Seeing these pictures makes me think I should have!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your baseboards! I have a white kitchen and love it so much. It is a small space but looks spacious in white! The cabinets were custom and go to the ceiling which adds lots of storage and keeps the lines clean. One thing I would change would have been to have less lips and edges, they are dust catchers! Can't wait for YOU to see your house this weekend so WE can enjoy your pictures and updates! Have a great weekend.


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