Friday, June 8, 2012

Convocation & What I Dreamt of Wearing

So long med school! Last night we celebrated my brother's convocation. Those 4 years are one tough ride, but they're finito! He worked so hard and while he still has a ton of work ahead of him, it's a milestone that should be greeted with much fanfare. I'm so proud of him.

Me & my bros. (Dr. Brother is the one on the right).

I'm pretty lucky to have two rather handsome and super smart brothers (although it's not very fair).

In a perfect world, I would have worn this dress from Anthropologie for the evening.

Paired with these lovely accessories.

But I would have had to have won the lottery first and so I decided to save my pennies and get a gift for the graduate instead. The night was all about him after all.

His lovely girlfriend also convocated. Congrats to the both of them!

Sparkly Goodies:

1. Shop Till I Drop Nail Polish at Essie
2. Fastened Facets Bracelet and Waihilau Earrings at BHLDN
3. Sieja Heeled Shoes at ALDO
4. Pink Pastel Fold Over Clutch by K.SladeMade

It's weekend time! Hope you enjoy yours. And thanks for the feedback on those countertops. It seems to be unanimous; everyone prefers the lighter grey option. I appreciate the help! You all have such good taste.


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