Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If I had a Summer Home

The great room would look something like this.

Loads of white with a little brown and blue in the mix. Very cool and calm. I can imagine kicking back with family and enjoying an ocean view. The space is somehow rustic and refined at the same time. The framework or "bones" of the space are very basic and humble, but the overall look is elegant. That glass topped coffee table really amps up the style, and the dual chandeliers sing to me. I just love how all the elements work together.

Get this white-washed, beachy look with some of these lovely pieces.

1. Wooden Quatrefoil Chandelier at Peridot Decorative Homeware
2. Octopus Art (Source Unknown)
3. Lucille Floor Lamp at Oly Studio
4. Juliane Mirror at Peridot Decorative Homeware
5. Blue Ikat Pillow via Amazon
6. White Sofa via Hickory Chair
7. Ornate Wood Coffee Table with Glass Top at Black Rooster Decor
8. Hanna Armchair and Ottoman at Oly Studio

Dream on...


 First image via pinterest


  1. Ummm wow! That is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh MY!!! This is my dream cottage! How spectacular is that room? I love the white wash and I love the mocha and aqua pillows giving a splash of my 2 favorite colors. I love that square table from black rooster that you have featured before.
    BUT I can't wait for more photos of your house!

    1. Meredith, I can't wait to see it again myself! There's a lock on the door now so we can't just stop by and have a look whenever we like. Obviously, it's better for it to be locked up but I miss stopping by on weekends and peeking inside. Soon we'll be moving in though and that's exciting!


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