Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Serious Play, A Bathroom & A Link

Avery: Mom, can we go to the park?

Me: Not right now.

Avery: But Mom, it's my job!

I had no idea she took her play so seriously. (This comes from my 3 year old girl.) Just a little glimpse into my stay-at-home mom life.

A pretty bathroom in Berkley Vallone's home (via Parlour). The marble tile is of course beautiful, and I love the little ledge to display pretty things and then mirror to the ceiling is just wowzers!  

And a link to an interview I enjoyed reading with Vicente Wolf - all about his design process. (Read it at Architectural Digest). It's good. I promise. (That's what I was doing when I should have been writing a blog post. Ha!)



  1. Love the tile going up 3/4 of the wall. We have 2 bathroom re-do's ahead of us and I am taking my time. Want to be sure we get something we love! Have a good week Sarah.

  2. So funny..and why do they always want to go near dinnertime? Your bathroom photo and V.Wolf article reminded me how much mirrors can add to a space...that apartment was amazing!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS...the ideas this bathroom is creating in my head!...Everything looks great!
    Thanks for sharing this !


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