Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That Guest Room

Hi and how are you? Sorry I was absent yesterday. I didn't get near my computer until late in the day, and by then I was too tired to come up with something. Anyway, remember that guest room I was spiffing up at my parent's place? The one that was supposed to get done last summer (blush). Well, I finally got a few things up on the walls and that brings us very near to being done. I really just need to hem the bed skirt and maybe add a little ribbon to it, and she's done! Have a look.

The three large photographs are family pictures, but they also showcase places we've visited on family vacations. We like mountains and water. The shells were picked by my mom on Vancouver Island, another place we like to holiday.

I don't think you'd seen the pillows. So, these are them. The polka dots are kind of fun, and I wanted to break up the red with another colour. The yellow quatrefoil pillow fit the bill.

The red sideboard and large-scale floral curtains are still making us happy. They're the first things to catch your eye when you walk into the room (but I can never get a decent picture of them... grrr.)

It's really quite a simple room, but it's bright, fresh and welcoming. Perfect for guests and a big improvement from the "catch all office" it was before! (Go here to see before pictures.)


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  1. This has turned out beautifully, Sarah. I loved the red when you painted the dresser, and I'm loving that pop of colour even more now with the finishing touches. What a welcoming space for guests to enjoy!


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