Friday, June 22, 2012

Visiting an Old Friend

My interest in and love for thrifting (the old friend) has been revived. Look what I found while perusing some local classifieds - something I hadn't done in a while.

Antique chandelier amazingness! It would look fabulous in our mudroom or closet or perhaps my someday office. If we did put it in the mudroom, I'd want to paint the walls a wonderful kelly green and then pull together some of these accessories (our floors are going to be black and white checkered as seen below).

1. Baroque Mirror at Black Rooster Decor
2. Kelly Green Paint by Benjamin Moore
3. Palm Leaf Pillow via google (A leafy motif to cover the mudroom bench.)
4. Guard Dog at Black Rooster Decor
5. Persian Rug at IKEA

And what if you had a few of these brass hooks on the wall?! Giddy me. (Recycled Consign & Design)

Or these black and white beauties to tie in with the floor. (Anthropologie)

Yes, it's a little over the top, but the mudroom is a small enclosed room so we could handle it. Actually we'd probably love it and want to live in there!

I also spotted this gorgeous persian rug for sale. The magenta pink is so unique (if that in fact is its true colour). It wouldn't fit in the mudroom, but I'm sure we could find a home for it. It's SO pretty.


We hope to see both the chandelier and rug tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Happy Weekend, friends! Are you a hardcore thrifter or do you just dabble?



  1. I totally had my eye on that chandelier!!! I hope you get it!!

  2. I love to thrift, especially because finds are so one-of-a-kind when you find them! My fingers are definitely crossed for you - both pieces are gorgeous :-) And I love all the hooks - you can't go wrong with any of them...

  3. I love the chandelier Sarah...and the carpet too. I hope you go and grab them! I don't buy a lot of antiques but occasionally I find something that sings to me because the design is irresistible. Recently I bought a silver baby cup with an elaborate design of a toddler and a rabbit. I don't need a baby cup but when I bought it I felt like I was extending it's life because I knew I would love it. It has some nicks and marks on the lip of the cup. Someone teethed on it! I love wondering about it's former life.
    Have a great weekend Sarah...I can't wait to know if you are giving the carpet and chandelier a new life!


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