Thursday, June 28, 2012

Window Treatments in an Open Concept Space

Our new place has an open concept kitchen, dining and living area. Here's a reminder of the main floor layout.

As you can see, there are three windows in the great room and then patio doors and two windows in the dining room. Real life pictures (I showed you these a while ago.)

I've been wondering how I'm going to dress the windows. Should I keep all the window treatments the same or do different things between the living and dining room windows. That got me searching around for some inspiration. Unfortunately, it's been a little challenging to find helpful pictures. I did find some in Samantha Pynn's portfolio though.

She does the same window treatments in both the living and dining room areas.

Another example.

And again.

It really ties the two spaces together and creats a cohesive look.

My gut feeling is to keep things the same in the space. Right now I'm thinking I'll hang curtains on the three windows in the living room and the two in the dining room. The patio doors will likely be left alone (the windows have built in blinds).

Seems like a safe bet to me. What do you think?



  1. Definitely keep the window treatments the same...or else it would just look like too much is going on!

  2. I think keeping them the same is your safest route in an open concept. Though I have seen different window treatments in the same fabric or color and that works too.

  3. I've kept them the same in my house and I love the cohesive look!

  4. Keeping it the same will definitely give you the illusion of a larger space.
    I have a question for the experts though...What is the deal with drapes...draped onto the floor. I don't really get that look? I live on the water and am surrounded by large spruce and pine. I have virtually no window treatments. If I needed drapes and splurged on silk or linen...I don't know why I'd want them dragging on the floor? So amazing young designing women...tell me what it's about?

    1. Curtains that break right at the floor look clean and sophisticated. When they puddle on the floor it looks more care free and a little romantic - not so perfect and tailored. Some people like that look. I tend to like them hemmed just at the floor. To each his own I guess! (I love your comments, Meredith. So thoughtful.)

    2. and I love your reading your blog...

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