Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bedroom Design Board

Here's a bedroom design board I pulled together showcasing soft, muted colour and a subtle mix of metals. A few global looking pieces like the rug and darya ikat pillow warm up the space. It's otherwise quite glamorous feeling.

The silver leaf chandelier is a gorgeous crown to the space and the abstract by Michelle Armas adds just the perfect amount of colour.

The various textures and patterns keep the look fresh and vibrant when the colours are more subdued.

Artwork by Michelle Armas
Round Mirror via Pinterest
Silver Leaf Chandelier and Darya Ikat Pillow at Peridot
Catherine 3 drawer Dresser at Bungalow 5
Headboard and Lamps at ZGallerie
Bergere Chair at Safavieh Home
John Robshaw Gold Bolster Pillow
Racine Cabriole Heather Fabric at Designers Guild
Souk Rug at West Elm

The perfect bedroom retreat (if I do say so myself)! Hope your week is fine and dandy! Hugs.



  1. Hi. I was just at Home Sense in Saskatoon today, and they have several of the mirrored side tables and other smaller mirrored tables in their store right now! (Beside the bedding aisle.)

    1. Good to know. Thanks for mentioning it! I definitely have a soft spot for Home Sense. :)

  2. Gorge-ous...all of it. Where will you get the chandelier?

    1. I found that one through Peridot Decorative Homewear in Vancouver. I don't know that we'll end up getting it, but it would sure be beautiful!

  3. So gorgeous! I love the bedside tables - are those all round mirrors?

    1. Yes, I believe they are. Although I'm not sure if the backs are covered in mirror. As you say, they're gorgeous!


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