Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let the Packing Begin

I finally got a start on some packing today. Probably filled about 2 dozen boxes (between me and my husband) which is fantastic. We still have a long way to go though.

While momma was busy, the kids had a little fun. Hmmm.

We seem to be out of floss.



  1. But I bet it bought you some valuable time and was worth it!

  2. PACKING...not fun. We moved 10 times in 15 years thanks to that navy pilot in my life. Packers came one day and packed everything in sight. You had to be careful not to leave your sandwich unattended or it might get packed! It was like a machine. The next day the movers would come and load everything...make sure you count your kid and pets! We knew of someone moving from Hawaii to the mainland and sadly their cat went missing on moving day! Moving into their new house they heard mewing and hiding in the sofa was their cat a few pounds lighter but otherwise fine!
    It's an exhausting process to break down one house and move but so exciting for you Sarah when you are heading to a new house that you were able to plan and design. I can't wait to see the photos. I know it's going to be so lovely.
    Oh and you can always get more floss...that picture is priceless. You could probably sell it to your dentist for a ten year's supply of floss!
    Have a great weekend.


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