Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woodsy Kitchens

I tend to be an all white kitchen kind of girl. Not everyone is like me though. Some love the look of wood, and it can be very lovely. It's warm, rich, natural etc.

While I doubt I'll ever do a wood kitchen for myself, here are a few I do like.

It's also a great look to mix white cabinets with a little wood. Both of these kitchens have wood islands while the rest of the cabinets are white. The best of both worlds.

Which way do you lean? Wood or White? I think there's a place for both. It really depends on what you like best. Too much wood is overpowering and can feel a little drab. It needs to be paired with light, bright colours and lots of natural light (windows) can help too.

We had another showing today. They were in our house for an hour! (Our place in not that big.) Hopefully that's a good sign. She needs to sell soon.


All Images via Pinterest or Houzz


  1. Oh Sarah...I hope those people will buy your house!!!
    I am a white kitchen convert and LOVE my kitchen so much. It looks twice the size it did when it was oak. I do think all of these photos are beautiful. I could take any of them. I really love the wood in the last shot, but I would do a different color on that countertop on that Island to tie it more beautifully with the white of the rest of the kitchen. That white on the Island is acting like a barrier to my mind's eye.
    Have a great weekend...SELL YOUR HOUSE!!! Meredith

  2. Wow that third photo- I just love the look of that wood! Stunning! Praying for you!!!!

  3. Which way do I lean? White! When we were building a home in the country I thought pine or maple was my answer but white won out in the end. I love it for it's crisp, clean freshness and the way it picks up the colour of the light from out of doors. Like black and white tile floors, white kitchens are classic and never really go out of style. It's easy to update and makes the perfect foil for accessories.

    Another prairie girl,


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