Friday, August 17, 2012

30 Things Before 30

Hello, friends, and happy Friday! It's an extra-happy Friday for me because today I turn 29. I suppose I'm not entirely happy to be peeking at 30 just around the corner, but I have much to be thankful for. All in all it's a good day and a happy one.

30 seems all grown up and gives me a slight panic feeling, but I'm still just 29, right! Nonetheless, here are 30 things I want to do before I actually get to 30. Some serious, some not so much and in no particular order.

Improve my painting skills
Learn how to use photoshop
Bake a super delicious cake from scratch
Read 30 books
Make a baby
Get a bikini body (even though I won't be wearing a bikini) *This will have to happen before that baby gets made*
Use less paper towel
Plant a garden
Wear coloured jeans (I realize I'm way behind)
Wear yellow
Grow my hair to the mammaries
Buy a leather purse
Spend less on groceries
Call/Visit an old friend
30 Random Acts of Kindness
Eat vegan for 30 days
Build a fort with my kids
Sleep under the stars
Say "I love you" more
Learn II Movement of Chopin Piano Concerto in E- (It's beautiful!)
Pout less, Smile and Laugh More
Learn to cook roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Write a song for my kids
Read poetry
Roadtrip with my man
Teach my eldest to read
Write some old-fashioned letters
Learn to bake bread
Get to know my neighbours
Take better pictures

I'd say I have my work cut out for me! Thanks for letting me share this with you. I'm more likely to carry through on these things if I "go public" with them. It's the whole accountability, keeping your word sort of thing. Last year as a twenty-something here I come!



  1. That is an ambitious list of a lot of good things! I look forward to seeing/hearing how it all goes. Sound like baby fever has hit - yay :)

    Happy birthday to you!

    1. Yes, baby fever has hit. How can it not with friends like you around!?

  2. I love it! I thought about doing the same thing, but now that I'm two months into 29, I would either have to work fast or write a "27 or so before 30" list. It just doesn't have the same ring though.


  3. Not quite the same ring, no, but you could totally do it. Or maybe you can take a few from my list and help me out a little! :) XO, Sarah

  4. My fav one out of your list is 'write a song for my kids'. :)
    I am still waiting for Kent to write a song for me. Oh my, just while I was writing this I remembered he did write a song for me. Do you remember 'Cheesy Love Song'? lol. I wonder if he will pull it out of the archives for me. hehe.

    1. Hey Ang, I didn't really remember Cheesy Love Song but James did. He must have played it with Kent and the band. What were they called? Was it GMO? Good times. I hope you get your song at some point! XO

  5. Seems I missed your birthday. So, Happy Birthday! Oh are still such a young thing. I believe you can accomplish your 30 before 30! Just wait 'til you hit forty! Then we'll talk! LOL! Are you coming to BLEND this year?

    1. Thanks, Meesh! I won't be coming to blend this year. We have too much going on with our recent move and such. It sure sounds like fun though!


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