Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New Build Peek & A Little Life

Hello and how are you? Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. We ended up taking a day trip to visit my Grandma who will be 97 next month. She still lives on her own and treated us to a delicious lunch complete with tea and cookies.

It was lovely to see her but we did spend 4 hours in the car and the 3 year old puked twice on the way home. Yuck. She was sick another four times before settling down to sleep for the night. It was a messy evening. Thankfully she seems fine today and is keeping her food down so far. Sheesh! So, it was a full day that was both wondrous and awful at the same time. It's also hitting me hard that we're moving next week so the boxes need to be filled.

I'll leave you with a little peek at our new build which is near done.

SO excited but for now I'm off to do some more packing. Catch you later!



  1. 1. She is adorable!
    2. Those lights are kind of to die for:)

  2. Aah, summer trips :) The fixtures are exquisite and perfect in your space!

  3. Those pendant lights are so beautiful.

  4. I love the lights too. Can I ask the source? Thanks

    1. Hi Felechia. The pendants are from Robinson Lighting. Thanks for saying hi! -Sarah

  5. Oh my gosh, and oh my gosh! 97 is incredible, but your grandmother sounds far more incredible than her age! What an inspiration :-) And the other wonder... Your pendants! They are just gorgeous, and will sparkle beautifully in your new home. Great choice!


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