Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hardware: The Final Choices

I don't think I showed you our final choices for hardware at the new build. We ended up going with a few different options which I'm sure makes our builder oh so happy. Ha! Well, he hasn't complained, and since we're mixing metals throughout the house I wanted the hardware to go along with that.

For the kitchen, we went with the Core Hardware from Lee Valley. It comes in a few different sizes which is nice. We'll use the antique brass finish (on the left). I like the simple, modern lines. It will be a nice balance to the more traditional profile of our cabinet doors, and the price point is excellent - very affordable.

The bathrooms will have the Manor Suite hardware (also from Lee Valley). Pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors in Satin Chrome (C).

A few of the closet doors will have these knobs (L). Zephyr Suite at Lee Valley.

Others will have these sparkly, faceted glass knobs from Lee Valley (B). These were a real splurge, but we only needed 3 of them so we went for it.  

And my daughter's closet doors will have these beauties from Anthropologie (no longer available).

I think it's fun to have variety, and it gives the home a more customized look. It also means you can splurge here and there (like with the faceted glass knobs in our case) and then save elsewhere.

I can't believe it's August already, and that means we're in our moving month! Whoot! My husband brought me several piles of boxes again this morning; I should get back to packing. It's funny how empty boxes get me excited.

Enjoy your day!


p.s. That pasta dish I made yesterday was de-lish in case you wondered.

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